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News + Notes

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As a therapist, I know it's tough keeping up with therapy news, research, and practice tips, because you're busy helping clients and living your life. It can also be just as difficult to learn information on how to live well as a therapist.

That's why I created News + Notes.  

With News + Notes, I cut through information overload to deliver skimmable summaries of the latest on family therapy as well as simple tips that will support your life and practice.

Your time is limited, and you deserve to have a life and thrive at work. My goal is to save you time, so that you can bless more people, learn more stuff, or take a coffee break!

Want to know more? This is what you'll get:


Personal and professional development tips

Summaries of the latest on family therapy news and notable advancements

Updates on new training and certification opportunities

And, thoughts from me on what I'm learning right now.

Sound good?