Product Love | Family Therapy Basics
Products we love

We use and proudly recommend the following products and services.


ConverKit powers all of my emails. The options available for sign ups, sending opt-ins, creating funnels, and segmenting are fantastic!  And, if you have no idea what any of these terms mean, it's a user-friendly platform with tons of helpful videos. Start building an email list of your ideal therapy clients with ConvertKit. Learn more.


If you're hold online meetings, or sessions, on a regular basis, then Zoom is for you. I use Zoom for all of my live meetings, because of their recording, screen sharing, chatting, and viewing features. See what Zoom can do for you (start free).



Trello is a board organizational system that allows you to organize your life. I use Trello to prioritize my Asana tasks, and to schedule my days. My weekly schedule lives in Trello and (Bonus!) integrates with my Google calendar. You need this.  Learn more, and start for free. 


Both Family Therapy Basics and The Refreshed Therapist Network are built on Squarespace. Simple. Clean. Easy. Don't give it another thought. Beautify your website.

2018 PowerSheets Collection


The PowerSheets Intentional One-Year Goal Planner, from The Cultivate Shop, will lead you through setting, tracking, and nurturing your goals daily, while remembering that the larger purpose is progress, not perfection. Take a look at the entire Cultivate What Matters collection.



Facebook group daily prompts, Linkedin page updates, Twitter articles--you name it. If it's a social media post, it goes in my Buffer queue. Simplify social media, with Buffer (start free). 



I use Asana (the free level) to organize my life, work, and thoughts. Take control of your post-its, and get a grown-up system for keeping track of #allthethings. 


Planoly is a beautiful platform for scheduling THE beautiful platform--Instagram. Plan your images, so they create a gorgeous grid.  Learn more, and start for free.



Zapier. Because you need to send yourself a text message when you get a new email, or you need to send yourself an email when an overdue invoice gets paid, or you can't imagine how you lived so long without making your apps mingle. Start free, and connect your stuff with Zapier.


Beautiful graphics are a necessity for therapists with an online presence. Create images for all your social media platforms, and explore your brand's style using Canva. No need for a design degree, either!  Start with Canva's free level.



Create surveys, ask for feedback, or put together an exit interview for clients or colleagues using Typeform. There are so many possibilities for using this platform to gather information that informs your business practices.  Learn more, and start for free.


Pocket is my go-to application for saving content. With the mobile app, as well as the browser extension, it's simple to put information "in your pocket" that you'd like to grab later. I use tags to organize content, so that I can find it easily. After several years, I'm still using the free version. Check out Pocket.