The therapist life comes with unique challenges. Learn how to create a refreshed life, no matter your situation.

Coaching | Ili Rivera Walter, PhD, LMFT

You've likely landed here, because you're experiencing frustration with an area of life, or work,

such as:

  • burnout + exhaustion

  • building a business (and all that comes with it!)

  • imposter syndrome

  • time management + boundaries

  • inconsistent assertiveness + self-advocacy

  • mastering your triggers in and out of session

  • lacking a deeply nurturing soul care plan

  • building an online audience

I hear from therapists about these challenges on a daily basis, as a therapist mentor and coach. I will teach you how to not only end the frustration, but implement tailored solutions and systems that will keep you refreshed (and successful!) long-term. I've conquered these challenges, and so can you!

Ili Rivera Walter, PhD, LMFT | Therapist Mentor + Coach

Ili Rivera Walter, PhD, LMFT | Therapist Mentor + Coach

Therapists who work with me master their sense of wellness, expertise, and success, while living and working as psychotherapists in a variety of fields.  

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"I’m so grateful for the timing of our conversation, because I had such an ah-ha moment . . . in regards to my coaching [services]. So thank you! "  --Amy Lassater, LPC, Success and Mindset Coach


Coaching Options

Coaching is offered via video conference (online), in the U.S. and internationally. I offer one-time consultations, as well as ongoing plans.


One-hour consultations focus on your topic of choice. You'll walk away with a step-by-step action plan that will provide clarity and solutions for achieving your goal.



A coaching program will move you from frustration to mastery. We'll address habits, develop strategies, and revamp your mindset. Plans include three hourly consultations and unlimited support each month. (3 month minimum)


"[Before coaching] I was spinning my wheels and stuck. Ili helped me 'clarify the confusion' . . . and gave me concrete steps to get back to the work I love. Ili held me accountable to complete goals so I gained traction to make progress. [I now feel] enormously better--to use solution-focused language, I was at a 9 in confusion with ten as the top score and now am at zero. Ili is well worth the investment." --Carey Jeffrey, MFT

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"[I needed] guidance and support to help me get structure and motivation in my day. I really enjoyed chatting with Ili. She was friendly, energetic and supportive. I told my friend; I told her how helpful it was and knowing that she had questions about her career path, she might find it helpful, too. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement! --Jennie Villa