Personal Development Coaching

Resolve the past, embrace your story, and expand your impact

Personal Development Coaching for therapists

Through Personal Development Coaching, you will:

  • Identify patterns and habits that are barriers to success in your life and work
  • Discover the foundations of your relational and/or professional discontent
  • Understand your relational context, past and present, so that you can create new relational and professional habits
  • Recognize ways in which your personal history interacts with your therapist and leadership roles and functioning
  • Identify clear outcomes you'd like to achieve in life and business
  • Develop a plan for integrating new ways of being in relationships and at work in order to achieve those outcomes
  • Learn to get off the self-care roller coaster and live a lifestyle of soul care

Each month during your coaching program, we'll collaborate on:

  • individualized assessment, including questionnaires and worksheets to set the stage and provide a specific plan for personal development
  • Three 45 minute video or phone meetings of one-on-one personal development coaching that include:
    • assessing your current personal development goals, as well as your desired coaching outcomes
    • exploring and specifying areas of struggle in your life and work, as well as your vision for these areas
    • sifting through the impact of major significant relationships and how it interacts now with your therapy work
    • moving into understanding and accepting your preferences, strengths, and growth areas
    • naming and defining your personal mission and values, so that they can guide your personal growth now and toward the future
    • identifying areas in your life in which you are already living your ideals, as well as how these can inform your desired change
    • developing a detailed plan for moving from current emotions, fears, and habits to ones that allow room for the creation of your vision
    • creating systems for maintaining progress as well as a plan for sustaining ongoing personal growth
  • a clear action plan for time between meetings
  • weekly e-mail check-ins
  • recorded meetings, worksheets, action plan details, and other notes on a password protected webpage for your unlimited access
  • one 20 minute follow-up call 2 months after end of program

As a result of this program you will gain clarity, feel free to pursue your desired career path, and understand where and how to focus your efforts.


Investment:  $2,500, 3 months

Each coaching track includes the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) online assessment. It offers a framework for understanding your motivation, personality preferences, and work style. The MBTI is optional and is included at no additional cost.