Personal Brand Coaching

Define your work and practice from your personal mission and values, so that it is irresistible to your audience.

Personal Brand Coaching for Therapists

Through Personal Brand Coaching, you will:

  • Identify, define, and integrate your personal brand
  • Understand the importance of your personal brand for your career future
  • Recognize ways in which you are already living your brand + how these habits can inform your work
  • Develop action steps for implementing your personal brand into your specific work
  • Find clear language for defining your brand for yourself and your audience
  • Create, label, and detail your new or revised services based on your personal brand
  • Feel prepared to begin, develop, and lead a business with a clear brand roadmap
  • Troubleshoot fears, anxieties, insecurities, + other obstacles to living your brand fully

Each month during your coaching program, we'll collaborate on:

  • individualized questionnaires + personal brand worksheets to set the stage and provide a specific plan for personal brand design and development
  •  Three 45  minute video or phone meetings of one-on-one personal brand strategy that include:
    • assessing your current personal brand and its value in your work, as well as your desired coaching outcomes
    • exploring and specifying your individual mission, inspiration, values, and motivation (your personal brand)
    • sifting through ways in which your current work supports and/or detracts from your personal brand
    • identifying current activities in your life that align with your personal brand as well as ways in which they add meaning to your life and work
    • creating a detailed work vision that embodies your personal brand + desired brand outcomes
    • defining your new work vision, as well as your personal brand, through clear, compelling language
    • developing a daily work plan for maintaining your personal brand in your work through prioritizing your mission, vision, and values daily
    • formulating and designing products and services that flow from your defined personal brand 
  • a clear action plan for time between meetings
  • weekly e-mail check-ins
  • recorded meetings, worksheets, action plan details, and other notes on a password protected webpage for your unlimited access
  • one 20 minute follow-up call 2 months after end of program

Investment: $2,500, 3 months

Each coaching track includes the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) online assessment. It offers a framework for understanding your motivation, personality preferences, and work style. The MBTI is optional and is included at no additional cost.