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The Refreshed Therapist Coaching Program is designed for therapists that want to take their work to the next level. They are ready for work that fits within their priorities, generates income, supports their desired lifestyle, and flows from their creativity and interests. If this is you, then keep reading!


Inspiration for the program

Too many therapists fall into believing the limiting messages of the mental health field, including:

  • In order to be successful as a therapist, you must go into private practice
  • You will not earn a good living as a therapist, and this is something you must accept
  • In order to earn a decent living, you must work your butt off and sacrifice your most treasured activities and relationships
  • Your clients' lives will affect your personal functioning, and you will need a strict self care routine to counteract this affect

These messages are emphasized in graduate schools and perpetuated by our professional environments. It's no wonder they have become an accepted reality for many mental health professionals!

Let me clarify:  I fully support hard work and self care; however, these habits should flow from personal interest and purpose rather than a need for survival.


The truth is, you can invent your own path without any of these limits, but you must feel free to do so . . .

THAT is what this coaching program is all about.

Two Coaching Tracks

Personal Development Coaching

Personal development coaching is a detailed process of self-of-the-therapist work, including family of origin exploration and the identification of beliefs and patterns that are holding you back from the life and work you dream of having.  I have gone through this process myself; it will invite freedom, clarity, and permanent change.

Personal Brand Coaching

Personal brand coaching is designed to guide you through discovering, naming, and owning your personal mission, calling, and values, so that you can imagine and implement a new vision for your work life.This program is focused on professional development with the purpose of creating a new + improved business or career direction.


"What I am is good enough if I would only be it openly."

-Carl Rogers